MBSR Courses

  • Mindfulness in Schools Project .b for Secondary School Students: Clare is a .b teacher, offering a tailor-made 8-10 lesson mindfulness programme designed for secondary school students by teachers.
  • Mindfulness in Schools Project Paws b for Primary School Students: Clare is a Paws b teacher, offering a tailor-made 6-12 lesson mindfulness programme designed for primary school students by teachers. 
  • Mindfulness in Schools Project .b Foundations for Teachers: Clare is trained to deliver the 8-week .b Foundations programme which is a mindfulness training designed for people working in an educational setting and takes into account the specific challenges of this work.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course:

We offer the 8-week MBSR course for adults, taught in a group of maximum 12 participants.  An MBSR course consists of 8 weekly sessions of two and a quarter hours and a retreat day of about six hours (usually between Session 6 and 7).  It is a progressive course and it is therefore very important not to miss any of the sessions.

Mindfulness in Schools
Mindfulness for Health Course:
This is an 8-week course grounded in compassionate awareness, encouraging a gentle, gradual transformation of our relationship to all our life experiences, including those involving pain or difficulty. This online course consists of seven sessions of two hours and one of two and a half hours. As for MBSR, greatest benefit can be expected when all sessions are attended.