Privacy Policy

Everyone cares about how their personal information is stored and used. I at Mindfulness Wimbledon would like to reassure you that I take data protection very seriously.

Where I get your personal data

We only ever collect personal data that you have freely given to me. This includes personal data that you provide to me when:
• contacting us about courses and events;
• applying to take a course with me;
• taking a course with me; and/or
• otherwise communicating with me.

It may also include personal data about you that I acquire and record during a course (for example if there is an accident or other incident).

In providing personal data to me you consent to me using it in accordance with this policy.

What I keep and why I need it

I need to have:
• your name;
• your email address;
• your postal address; and/or
• a contact telephone number for you

so that  I can communicate with you about courses and/or events that you are attending and to tell you about further courses and/or events that might interest you.

Once you have attended a course or event, I will ask for your permission to add your email address to my mailing list. I will, at this point, delete your postal address and also your telephone number unless you would like me to keep them. You could ask me also to delete your email address if you so wish and, if I hear nothing from you within a 12-month period of first receiving it, it will also be deleted.

My aim is simply to be able to communicate with you during the period we are working together and to stay in touch with you should you so wish.

When applying for one of our courses or events, I will send you a form by email or to your postal address requesting some further information, including your age and certain health information, to help inform the interview I will have with you by Zoom or telephone or in person. This is to be sure that the course would be beneficial for you and to make sure I am aware of any particular issues you may have such as a hearing problem. This form will be in the form of a Word document. There will be the option of filling this in and sending it back by email which we will then print out, deleting the email and not keeping a copy of the form on a computer. Please note that, unless messages are encrypted, your messages could potentially be read by someone else. If you wish to password protect answers to our health and wellbeing questions when emailing them back to us, provide us with a password to the document by text at the time of writing.

It will also be possible to print out the form or to collect a paper copy from me, fill it in and post it back to me (or to an address nominated by me) in a sealed envelope. Alternatively, I can collect this information when we speak via Zoom or on the telephone. Forms will also be available at the introductory mornings. Any information gathered will be stored confidentially in paper form and will be kept securely for 4 years after the end of the course after which it will be shredded

I may use personal data about you in order to:
• administer your participation in courses and events (including administration of payments and maintenance of accounting records);
• provide the courses and events in which you participate;
• seek feedback and analyse and assess my courses (generally using data in an anonymised form);
• comply with my  legal obligations and any applicable laws and regulations;
• enforce our rights and defend myself from claims; and/or
• consider and respond to any concern or dispute you may raise.

Our website

I use my website to make myself known to you. The website is hosted by a third party provider called Webstarts. I do not use the website to collect personal data, although the site does collect IP addresses and location data and it uses “cookies” to do so.

Data protection legislation

I,  Clare Morgan, am individually data controller for the purposes of data protection legislation (GDPR 2018) in relation to any personal data about that you I may hold or process for the purposes of Mindfulness Wimbledon.  It is my policy:

• to tell you how I will collect and use your personal data;
• not to ask you for more personal data than I need;
• only to collect and use your personal data where I have lawful grounds and/or legitimate reasons to do so;
• not to use your personal data otherwise than as described in this policy, sell or otherwise disclose it to any third party or transfer it outside the UK or the EEA, except with your consent or as required by law or a regulatory body;
• to use reasonable measures and controls to help keep your personal data secure and to protect it from unauthorised access, unlawful use, accidental loss, destruction or damage;
• to observe your rights under privacy and data protection laws and to ensure that, if you have a query about privacy issues, it is dealt with promptly and transparently; and
• to consider and respond to a concern or dispute you have raised.

Please note that providing data to me by email is not completely secure and I cannot guarantee the security of personal data that you send in this way. This is done at your own risk.

I may change this policy from time to time. A copy of the policy current from time to time will be available on my website at www.mindfulnesswimbledon so please check this page occasionally to ensure that you are happy with any changes.
If you would like to access, correct, amend or delete any personal data that I hold about you, please contact me using the contact details set out below. However, this may limit my ability to provide you with the benefit of my courses and events.

Clare Morgan       

Tel: 07796 263121               

July 2019